A Website Update

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I want my website to be the primary hub for how people keep up with me.

I also want to publish things that are worth following.

I need to reenter a phase of life where I create more than I consume (and consume smarter).

I actually do some pretty interesting things. I just don’t do a good job of documenting and then publishing publicly.

It feels like social media puts me in mold that I don’t want to exist in. With my site, I get to make it my own.

If you’re also someone who uses a personal website in place of social media, I’d love to connect. Leave me a comment on this post.

I’m still figuring it all out. In April, I’m going to work on slowly fixing up my website.

First up…

  • Work on styling – right now I don’t feel like my website is a joy to read
  • Clarify my offer – consulting + website reviews
  • Talk about my products – Fuel Your Photos

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