How I Moved 100+ Blog Posts To Another Domain With 301 Redirects

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First step, move everything over.
This is pretty simple, just use the WordPress Export and Import available in the Tools section of the dashboard menu.
I did a quick run through and unpublished any posts that I didn’t want to appear on the new domain. In my case there were only a few.
Next up, get a list of posts from the old domain. I used Screaming Frog for this part.
I exported to Excel and took a few minutes to clean it up manually to get only the addresses of blog posts.
Next, I need to get these into the following format:
Redirect 301 /pageurl/

Simple enough with a couple of find and replace searches.
I made a copy of the sheet, and on the first sheet I did this replace:
On the second I did this one:
I called these sheets Old and New, then made a 3rd sheet called Final and used this formula:
=CONCATENATE(Old!A1, " ", New!A1)
Then I just opened up Sublime, added a couple of lines at the top to start the rewrite engine, and pasted all my rewrites!
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
P.S. Don’t forget to backup your .htaccess 😉 Just in case.
Mine worked on the first try, but that is because I’ve done this quite a few times on other sites. When I first started, I usually had to try like 30 different methods before it would finally work. lol.
At this point, I moved all of the posts to the trash. Gulp. No biggie though, the trusty .htaccess has my back and is doing his job well.

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